Why is cane furniture so popular right now


One of the biggest design trends in 2020 so far has bee […]

One of the biggest design trends in 2020 so far has been all things bohemian, woven and leafy. This nouveau-Victorian look builds on today's house plant craze and draws on tropical accents for a breezy look with a bit of mystique. Cane furniture, which features intricately-carved panels, is a big part of this trend. Originally from India and China, the furniture surged in popularity in Europe during the 17th century and in the wooden beach decoration Victorian period.

Now, it’s in vogue once again, perhaps as a way to tap into old-fashioned escapism and elegance or simply because this bohemian style is so fun).One way to freshen up your living room or bedroom is with this charming armchair. Featuring a cane design on the sides and beautiful blue and white striped upholstery, it would be the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of tea.To nail a boho look, you've got to soften up all that wicker and rattan, like with this cushy velvet pillow.

A natural match with wooden furniture, this forest green throw pillow would add welcome color and comfort.Wonder how you can get in on the trend yourself? Bring the outdoors in with cane chairs, Victorian florals and vibrant velvets.

With these sunny accents, you won’t even mind any lingering winter weather.We make recommendations independently, but participate in affiliate advertising programs that may pay us commission if you make purchases at Houzz and other linked retailer sites.Cane-back dining chairs have a casual elegance to them that’s perfect for today’s home  like this set of two dining chairs made of rubber wood and woven seat cushions. They feature a slightly distressed finish for a rustic, understated look.