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It is essential to update your home throughout wooden h […]

It is essential to update your home throughout wooden home decoration the years, especially your bedroom since it’s one of the principal rooms in a home; where you can have a good night’s sleep as well as a place for relaxation. Repainting and changing the layout of your bedroom can affect the mood of the space too. According to research published by Perspectives on Psychological Science in 2015, people can boost their mental well-being by applying some simple interior design techniques to their homes.

This trick is called the psychology of design and it aims to examine the actual characteristics and qualities that differentiate a “home” from a mere “place of residence,” to capture a healthier and more mindful ambience.I have spoken to an experienced architect and interior designer from Solid and Liquid , Vincentia Lionny Herline Sutanto, more commonly known as Vivi – to discuss the upcoming trends of property and interior design for this year.

I think that modern living would be a fresh interior design idea for 2020 as it displays minimal decoration and clean lines,” Vivi asserted. Although other trends, such as tropical decor and futurism persist, people’s preferences still turn to modern living because it is everlasting yet simple.Vivi also indicated that the American classic aesthetic has been a big star throughout the years. “It is quite surprising that there is actually a generation gap in different interior design styles,” Vivi added.

For instance, Generation X, those between the ages of 35-50, would rather choose the American classic style as it displays a great comfort and evokes ideas of extravagant living. However, newlyweds or millennials, aged between 18-35, prefer the modern living style for their future homes, for its simplicity and modernity.In terms of furniture choice, Vivi emphasised that it should be in accordance with the interior design style. She exemplified that usually, American classic goes with Scandinavian furnishings, where wood plays a significant role and it is easy to overhaul. However, some also break away from the ordinary by playing with customised furnishings to create a more homey feeling.