What are the characteristics of wood decoration materials


Light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, good elast […]

Light weight, high strength-to-weight ratio, good elasticity, impact wooden easter decoration resistance, rich and beautiful texture and color, easy processing. Naturalness wood is a natural material. It is mainly used by humans in steel, wood, cement and plastic. Among wood, only it is directly taken from nature, so wood has the characteristics of low production cost, low energy consumption, no toxicity and no pollution. Good texture: Wood has good tactile properties that are easily accepted, far superior to materials such as metal and glass.


High strength-to-weight ratio: The ratio of certain strength to weight of wood is higher than that of ordinary metals, and it is a light-weight and high-strength material. Heat preservation: The thermal conductivity of wood is very small. Compared with other materials, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is 2000 times that of wood. Therefore, wood has good thermal insulation properties. Electrical insulation The point conductivity of wood is poor, which is a good electrical insulation material.


The wood is moderately soft and easy to process. The wood itself has natural and beautiful patterns, as furniture and decorative materials, it has a very good decoration. Due to the unique characteristics of wood mentioned above. In construction applications, wood is more resistant to fire than steel. Contrary to many people ’s common sense, many ancient wooden buildings only scorched outside after a fire, but they still stand up, and the strength of the internal structure is still very high; on the contrary, many steel bars After the concrete building overfired, the building collapsed and the building was severely damaged because the reinforcing steel was burned down.


Except for some high-density special woods, most woods have a specific gravity lower than water and can float on the water to make ships. The shortcomings of wood are flammability, decay, intolerance to moths, shrinkage and moisture. It is one of the most versatile materials. Wood can be used to make plates, furniture, plywood and other products and as raw materials for papermaking and chemical fiber industries.