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The use of wood in wooden country decoration ancient Ch […]

The use of wood in wooden country decoration ancient China is simply amazing, from magnificent buildings, to antique furniture, to small and exquisite jewelry boxes. Wood can also be used for jewelry. Although it is not as colorful as modern jewelry, it has its own unique antique. Speaking of the use of wood, I have to say a skillful process: Hayao. The classical Chinese wisdom known as "smart work" is the soul of traditional Chinese wood art. It was born in the Neolithic Age of Hemudu more than 7000 years ago, and it is an earlier national memory than Chinese characters.


As a unique craft creation of the Chinese nation, the tenon and mortise structure also contains the philosophical wisdom of the ancients. The tenon-and-mortise structure is the basic production mode of ancient Chinese wooden crafts. On the whole utensils, there is no need for a nail or a string of metal connection. The tenon and mortise bite together to form an ingenious and flexible frame. The matching between each other is more natural and seamless. The perfect interpretation of the philosophy of "the unity of heaven and man". To this day, the tenon-and-mortise structure still plays an irreplaceable role in the production of wood art, and the impact on the Chinese is still far-reaching.


If the tenon-and-mortise structure is used, the use of adhesive is reduced, and the natural color of the wood can be vividly displayed, so that the user can feel the fresh natural breath and maintain a natural beauty. To return to the truth, the origin of wooden jewelry is unknown, but through material and later development to speculate, the original wooden jewelry is only the most simple decoration of the poor women's hair and waist. When people started to classify wood, wooden jewelry had different positions because of different materials. Compared with gem metals, the development of wooden jewelry is still unique in artistic style. The original design is the true color of wood jewelry.


Using and discovering the natural colors and textures naturally given to the wood to create the shape you want, and then polishing and waxing, a rough and simple design was born. Wooden jewelry can also be artistic. The primitive wood color and colorful fashion color, wood jewelry can also be transformed into fashion. The Melbourne designer turned the wood into amber, which is incredible. Of course, it can also be mixed and mixed with jewelry, which is another unique feature. As long as it is beautiful enough, you can mix and match anything. Wood is called a member of jewellery, and it does not lose to gems, but it can also decay into magic.