Stunning wooden home decor ideas


Wood home decoration ideas are wooden home decoration p […]

Wood home decoration ideas are wooden home decoration perfect for anyone who wants a cozy cottage feel in their living space. Wood décor is easy to find and easy to maintain, so why not create an interior design that is chic, yet charming? Bring in some vintage accents, and you have a delightful looking living space that features all of your wood home decoration ideas and creations. The best thing about wood décor is that if you are handy, you can easily create your own decorations to place in your home.

The designs do not have to be intricately carved; just create something that fits the current décor in your living space.Wood can be used several different ways in your home. It can be placed on the wall to create a shelf for your books, or it can be cut into a lovely welcome sign that is placed on the wall right in the main entrance way. In this gallery you will see some great wood home decoration ideas, but some of them stand out more than the rest. One that is of particular interest is the votive candle holders that were crafted from narrow logs.

Another that would be simply gorgeous in any home is the clock on the wall that is crafted from several different-sized cuts of wood. Enjoy the other ideas as you explore this gallery, and let us know what you think about the wood home decorations.This room divider makes use of large, rough-edged planks cut from logs. These planks are cleverly joined together so that it looks like they were cut from a huge tree. The wooden divider is placed on a rolling door frame like a closet door so it can be easily moved from place to place.

Gorgeous driftwood makes this tea light candle holder special. The wood is laid on its side and tea light sized holes are drilled in it. This would be an easy project for anyone who is handy with power tools. Its dramatic looks would make it a fitting focal point for any living room.This interesting end table uses an old hollow log as its base. A light is placed near the bottom, illuminating the table and providing a nice accent to any room. The glass surface allows the light to shine up and through the table. This table will be a conversation piece for you and your guests.