Making handmade holiday Christmas decorations


The festive period presents the perfect opportunity. A  […]

The festive period presents the perfect opportunity. A wooden christmas decoration handmade business can capitalize on the growing demand for quirky, interesting and unique handmade items.Do you possess these creative skills. Then consider this profitable option around this time of year. Make some extra money by creating handmade holiday ornaments. Check out this list of Christmas ornaments to make and sell.There’s nothing quite like the sweet smell of cinnamon to create some festive cheer.

Pretty, festive candle holders that are doused in glitter and have a red ribbon tied round them, are bound to be in big demand at Christmas time.Christmas trees come in all shapes and sizes. Why not provide people with an ‘alternative’ Christmas tree by making them out of wood? Use your imagination and creativity to design a handmade wooden Xmas tree to really make an impact.With just some old scraps of wood, pine cones, ivy and other natural materials we associate with Christmas, you can make adorable festive yule log ornaments to sell in the run up to Christmas.

If you’re skilled at woodwork and have a steady hand, wooden nativity scenes make beautiful Christmas ornaments that will never go out of fashion.If you’re a dab hand at carving intricate items out of wood then one of the most popular Christmas ornaments to make and sell, has to be wooden Father Christmases.Simply get the shape of your wooden Santa right and then have fun painting the handmade ornament in festive colours.

Sending precious family pictures to loved ones is always going to be one of the most popular gifts at Christmas, so why not provide people with a beautiful handmade festive picture frame to put their favorite photos in?Out of all the DIY ornaments you can make and sell at Christmas, wooden snowmen have to be among the favorites.Simply carve a snowman shape out of wood then paint the little fella in white, with a colourful scarf, hat and, of course, a carrot nose.If you want to make and sell a popular festive ornament this Christmas, then stock up on dough and cinnamon and bake a ton of cinnamon cookies shaped into Christmas characters like snowmen, Father Christmases and reindeers.