How to decorate simple country style


The compatibility of American wooden home decoration cu […]

The compatibility of American wooden home decoration culture is shown in the home furnishing. There is no need to insist on a certain solidified appearance, as long as you can flexibly create your own American taste in the space. American country simple style decoration skills American style. In the case of American classics, the base plate of the decoration should be a little more elaborate. The walls are generally elegant wallpapers. Fireplaces and arc doors and windows will be included in the construction at the beginning.


It is better to use antique bricks or old wooden floors. A simple pile of dark furniture does not make an authentic American style. Americans are casual but not casual, laid-back but not slack, plain and unpretentious but not rough, as is the home style. Don't hesitate to squander the space, do everything possible to meet the deep needs of the human body, because the home is originally used to relax, there is no reason not to be comfortable. Generally speaking, when you enter the door, you can admire the public part of the home space, the majestic pillars in the American-style entrance hall, the marble floor, and the owner ’s own culture are fully displayed in front of your eyes.


The living room is generally lower and lower than the living room space, and the selection of materials also takes a combination of comfortable, flexible and warm materials, which can effectively establish a warm and warm family atmosphere. Entertainment products such as TVs are also placed in this space. It can be imagined that under the sound of TV commercials, the harmony of pots and pans and pots, and the murmur of children's playfulness, the joy of this "three areas in one" is harmonious. The study room of the American-style home is simple and practical, but it is quite rich in furnishing. There are all kinds of furnishings that symbolize the owner's past life experience.


The old books that are rolled over, the nautical map with yellow color, the oil painting of the rural landscape, and a quill pen Even the ornaments are enough to add points to the American style of the study. The slender desk emphasizes the practicality of desk work. The leather swivel chair with wooden armrests not only retains the temperature but also maintains the flexibility of movement. The bookcase is quite traditional in style and suitable for more than 3 parallel placements. The overall tone is dark, and a large area of ??light-colored dark carpet adds liveliness.