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Who says wooden homes must be antique? The Chinese-styl […]

Who says wooden homes must be antique? The Chinese-style three-point skill makes it unforgettable for people to forget the magnificent and antique labels. The deep tone of the wood lacquer of the woodwork shows the grace of grace and elegance, and makes the whole family exude the smell of "money"!


The vast majority of people still prefer a simple and comfortable home atmosphere, but they also love the craftsmanship of wood products. So, how to use wooden home decoration can still have a simple feeling? Light brown is a wooden floor, close to the overall design tone.


The visual tonal ratio of light and heavy, avoiding the Chinese "deep" thunder zone, the decoration style naturally becomes easy and simple! Choosing light-colored wood products is a good way to easily avoid the Chinese home style. The wooden TV background echoes the color of the corridor, and the wooden texture makes the overall space no longer monotonous.


Through the wall cabinet to improve the wooden home decoration overall storage space, storage is no longer a problem. The color of the cabinet can be selected from light brown, white, and milky white, to avoid the monotony of uniform tones, but also to make the space look harmonious.