What are the Halloween home decoration methods


Wall stickers are the best wooden easter decoration cho […]

Wall stickers are the best wooden easter decoration choice for creating a bedroom atmosphere. Some white castles and bat-themed wall wallpapers are attached to the white and elegant walls. Pay attention to the stickers and try not to choose the brighter colors of red and orange. The black sticker is a good place to decorate the theme of Halloween, and it is not too strange to affect the quality of sleep. 2, the theme of Halloween is very clear, deep black and lively and flamboyant orange has become the main color of this festival.

Therefore, when choosing a soft room for the living room, you may wish to choose more of these two-tone home accessories. You can start from the table cloth, stool cover, wall stickers, coasters, pillows, carpets and so on. Even the usual simple home can be lively in the changing colors of the Halloween. To match the decoration style of the home in Europe: the simplest, white kicking, brown furniture, doing some classical calligraphy and painting, chandeliers, thick, and white carpet, is.

Modern style: the average male bedroom will be decorated into a sea blue This type is the simplest. The American pastoral style is more suitable for girls. The boys still choose one of the above two. The Chinese classical style is more suitable for people of the year. In addition, it is also decorated into Japanese, Thai and so on. It is the best. I personally prefer European style, because I don't like cleaning, the most common effect of European chaos. A unique designer said that many owners are very particular about personality, unique is what they pursue of.

In order to pursue uniqueness, designers must break through the original laws and make them stand out from the crowd. In nature, "a little red in the green jungle, an oasis in the desert" is a unique embodiment. The uniqueness is produced in the foil and is compared with each other. In the interior design, the imagination of breakthrough is especially promoted to create personality and characteristics. Two: Conciseness Conciseness is one of the most advisable methods in interior design, and it is also very popular in recent years.