Usually the custom of Easter decoration


During the festival, people cooked eggs according to tr […]

During the festival, people cooked eggs according to traditional customs and painted red, which means that the swan is crying, and it also shows the happiness of the goddess of life after the birth of the goddess; adults and children gather in groups in one place, playing with eggs; they put the eggs Put it on the ground or on the slope of the soil. The last rupture is the winner. The winner can get the eggs of all the players.

The event is very common, even in the White House, it is organized in Easter, but here is the egg on the lawn; people believe that the egg rolling back and forth on the ground can make the devil tremble and suffer. This custom has a long history, and eggs are a symbol of Easter, because it indicates the coming of new life, and believes that new life will be born out of it. Another symbol of Easter is the bunny, because it has a strong ability to reproduce, people regard it as the creator of new life.

In the festival, adults will vividly tell the children that Easter eggs will hatch into rabbits. Many families also put some eggs on the garden lawn to let the children play the game of finding eggs. Easter bunny and eggs have become popular items during the holiday season. The mall sells a variety of bunny and egg-shaped goods.

Small food stores and candy shops are also filled with rabbits and eggs made of chocolate. These "food rabbits" are cute, the eggs are different in shape, and they taste sweet and delicious. Eggs and rabbits are symbols of Easter. The traditional foods for Easter are mainly lamb and ham.

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