Innovative ways to decorate bedroom walls


When it comes to moving into a new bedroom, the only th […]

When it comes to moving into a new bedroom, the only thing you probably notice is just how bare your bedroom walls are. That stark white paint just screams “Boring!” right in your face. You don’t want to decorate your bedroom walls in any ordinary way, though. You want to show just how creative and trendy you really are. So skip the typical solid colored painted wall and get more adventurous with these creative ways to decorate your bedroom walls.Okay, hear me out. While paint is very old school and may seem overused for your creative vision, it’s a great place to start when you decorate your bedroom walls. You can decide to paint your white walls all one color and then add some more pizzazz to it later on.

Or you can get creative with the way that you paint the wall. Add some stripes to an accent wall or buy a large stenciled design and use a color that will really stand out. There are also plenty of cool painting techniques such as using a sponge or a rag.While your mother probably used wallpaper in her home when you were younger and regretted it when it went out of style and had to remove it, wallpaper is now making a comeback! However, you can now buy removable wallpaper, so it’s safe to put on your walls, especially if you are renting an apartment. Wallpaper gives you a variety of designs and color options to choose from. The beauty of using wallpaper is that you can cut it and don’t have to use it on the entire wall.

You can add a strip of it or simply add it wall decoration to half of the wall. The options are endless.No college apartment is complete without a colorful and intricately designed tapestry. Tapestries are huge and will make it easy to decorate your bedroom walls because it will take up just about most of it. It’s super simple to hang up too. You’ll only need some nails and a hammer. Not only will a tapestry add some beautiful colors to your space, but it will make it feel much cozier with its flowing fabric, almost as if you were in a tent.If you’re looking for a DIY project to do one weekend in your downtime, try making a macrame piece to hang on your wall. It can be as large or small as you’d like and there are plenty of colors to choose from.

There are thousands of macrame tutorials online that you can watch and complete. Even just one piece of macrame on your wall can change the entire feel of your bedroom.Everyone is always taking photos on their phones and posting them to Instagram. Throw it back old school and get some of your favorite photos from your social media printed to hang up on your wall. There are multiple creative ways to display your photos. You can create a pretty collage or use clothespins to attach them to some string lights up on your wall. Either way, your friends and family will feel honored to be special enough to hang up on your bedroom walls.Wall art is everywhere! Plenty of home decor stores have racks and racks of beautiful and funky wall art that come in all different shapes and sizes. Spend a day looking through canvas prints to find the perfect piece to decorate your bedroom walls. If you’re feeling crafty, you can always stop by a craft supplies store and try painting a canvas yourself! It will always be one of a kind and you can proudly display your hard work and creativity.